Saturday, February 26, 2011

the personal touch is back in vogue by kate tribe (guest post)

Everything in vogue goes out of vogue at some point. Many come back into vogue again and are even more edgy when they do. 

The handwritten card or letter is currently at the top of the back-in-vogue list in my mind!

When email first came about and people caught on, snail mail declined. Everything was about large databases and automated direct email. They still work, but it’s now even more special to write a personal note – or more so receive one!

Think about the average feeling you have when you go to your post box. It’s like when you check your email these days. If you’re like me, it goes something like this: Oh, no, what do I have to deal with now…

But then, just every now and then, you get a hand written card or letter. How great does that feel?

I wrote a post recently about connections and networking. A key part of it was about the value of handwriting a posted note.

I write notes at specific times:

When someone refers Tribe Research or done something nice, we write a note to say thanks. That one is fairly obvious, although not regularly done.

One that is rarely done…

As a market and social quantitative research business owner, specifically assisting small business owners, I have several contacts that fit in the small business segment.

As a business owner myself, I know how we are a group that are poor at celebrating our success, or even realising when we should.

I thought, how great would it be to just remind fellow business owners that it is the anniversary of when they started their business. Remind them to take some time out during the month to celebrate.

On a practical level, it doesn’t take much time. We have a process where we search the ASIC website for the month and year for when a business is registered and enter it into a CRM. Then at the start of each month a report is generated and I write cards to the business owners. The proportion of the list that I write cards for can depend on how busy I am.

It is simple.
It doesn’t take long.
I enjoy writing them.
I get emails back like this:

“Thank you for your lovely card, I always appreciate them and I must confess it’s the way I keep track of how long I am been operating. I’d love to connect with you again sometime and hear how your business is going.”
They’re an opportunity to touch base. I’ve also, along the way supported many other business owners through buying the cards or images to make them from self-employed. Through this our cards are personal in several ways.

When did you last receive a handwritten note or card? Did it bring a smile to your face? Did you have a momentary child-like moment opening it to see what was inside?

More importantly, when did you last write a card or note? Did it feel good sending it? Bring a smile to your face?

Go on… I think you’ll enjoy it!
Happy exploring,

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