Sunday, November 23, 2014

Real life etiquette gets social!

Today whilst I posted up something funny on good 'ol 'facey',  I felt I had to start my status with the word "WARNING:", why? you may ask. Well I believe in real life and also in the social media world etiquette has most definitely got lost.

Manners, what manners!

How do you post your status'?

  • Post away no holds barred?
  • Careful of your posts based on what other think?
  • Being aware of young children (say under 12) simply looking over your shoulder?
Tell us your thoughts.

Well in real life and being 'online social' I believe we can certainly pull our socks up. I am not saying be back in the 1950's (one of my favourite decades by the way) but stay modern in our approach

It is a delicate balance, right?!?

Now maybe it's the stage we are in within our household with two young ladies aged 7 and 10 (well nearly, what's six months between friends), that I am more acutely aware of what they are reading, hearing and most boldly THEN saying out loud and back to me.

Then it got me thinking about how social media is not really all THAT SOCIAL. The tone, the lack of expression, the hearing of your best friends voice..... not social one bit.

I do, however, adore that I can keep in touch with all my friends near and far.

1950's Fashion at it's finest. Gloves and all.

I did find this excerpt online quite amusing and thought you would enjoy the words.

Here are a few simple ways to act like a lady:1. Shoulder’s back: Please, this is a call out to the slouchers of the world. Do the three step process: 1. Shoulders up; 2. Shoulders back; 3. Shoulders down. You will look more confident and in control for it.
2. Handwrite, don’t email ‘thank you cards’ –  it’s personal, plus everyone loves getting something, non-bill-related in mail.
3. Never sport chipped nails: Gasp! It screams ‘I cannot be bothered’, which is never a good thing. Either stick with the upkeep of well-manicured nails or go bare. It’s really an all or nothing approach.
4. Know how to use cutlery and which side of the table they belong on (knife and spoon on the right, fork on the left).
5. Address senior people (for example, your uni lecturer, or your Nan’s best friend by their surname (i.e. Mrs Alpha) or their full name (i.e. Josephine instead of Jo) until they invite you to do otherwise.
6. You should never cut bread at a table: Instead, pull it apart into bite-sized pieces.
7. If you have ever had the awkward Which one is my cup, is it on my right or my left?, think of this simple rule: drinks on the right, solids (i.e. your side plate) on the left.
8. Don’t talk too loudly on your mobile phone in public places: None of us are really that interested in your best friend’s cousin’s sister’s ex- boyfriend.
9. Please use the ‘magic words’ of please and thank you. It’s basic courtesy.
10. Avoid being late: Having good manners incorporates respecting those around you. If you’re meant to be meeting someone, arrive either 5 minutes earlier or on the dot. If you happen to be late give your fellow guest the courtesy of knowing when you anticipate your arrival so they can plan their timetable accordingly.
11. Iron your clothes. It doesn’t take long but makes a world of difference.
12. Eat soup by scooping the spoon away, not towards you. Also, please sip, not slurp!

If you’re interested in harking back to the ye olde time where etiquette was king, perhaps you should read the Queen of Australian Etiquette, Ita Buttrose’s ‘A Guide To Australian Etiquette’ for $29.95 from Penguin Books. I highly recommend it.

Must blog more often.
'til next muttering
Pip xo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

love, balance and everything inbetween...

It's been a long time between mutterings. Now finally there is hope for some balance with a new year to start everything off.

There has been a lot going on the in the blondebratpack world. With all the blondes being solo for a number of months whilst their 'knight' was out hunting and gathering. We held the fort, now back together.

This did get me thinking more so of valentine's day and what is means to everyone. So, any thoughts?

A long break from your hubby, partner, boyfriend or companion makes your heart play crazy tricks on you and the beat is a little different. I don't think you feel any differently if this is forced on you or you choose it.

So with February 14 fast approaching use this as an excuse to do something grand either at home, going out or even a walk. It doesn't have to be grand, make the pledge to your relationship and do something.

' til next time. xo p

Sunday, August 21, 2011

an active mind needs sleep

Think, think, think or should I say thud, thud thud. My mind is continually on the go and a possible 'thud' onto my pillow would be terrific.

Now whilst I sincerely believe forcing yourself to get to bed at a reasonable time has merit, it is the insomniac in me that is fighting this decision. This is not helped by the mind constantly on the go.

Any suggestions to change this around? All welcome.

'til next post. xo p

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my love of paper continues...

I have been getting lost in many a blog lately (or should I say daily!) and I found this amazing envelope project. Tara Bliven features on a blog ephemera and her penpal envelope project is simply amazing so have a peep at her challenge at

Here's a sample...

I studied calligraphy years ago and being left-handed I had to use a copperplate nib to get the angle right on any of my work. It's something I so wished I could have master but gave it away.

Don't they look amazing.

'til next time. pip

my creative space

Well this was a fabulous find. I am seriously going to have some fun creating clothing with this stuff. Not sure how it will all turn out yet but will be putting some ideas together for my next market soon.

'til next post. xo p

Monday, July 11, 2011

remember when...

Friendship bracelets were so big in the 80's and are making a comeback. Well in my own backyard anyway. I found this fabulous tutorial from the Purl Bee and am going to give it a whirl.

A divine creative pal of mine has a pantechnicon of embroidery floss she is selling. I wonder if there is any cotton amongst it all.

I am going to teach my daughter this craft. Keen to do the same then take a look-see over at here at The Purl Bee and twist and knot away to make as many bracelets as you can.

'til next post. xo pip

Sunday, July 10, 2011

my creative space

My girlfriend/I were talking hoops a few weeks ago and she beat me to the post with getting her design up online. Me in my typical "I'll upload it in the morning" attitude took a while to put it up. I had it ready to go the afternoon of our conversation (hehehe, three months ago). What's more interesting is that we did something the same but different.

The same being... a hoop, background fabric, a letter and some blanket stitching.
The different being... our fabric choices and style.

Here's mine...

Her's her's...

'til next post. xo pip

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

a room with a view

Well you simply must get to see Jayde at little paper lane. She has the most amazing paper world you could imagine and I have not walked in yet. You can get her paper yummies online via facebook and she posts nationally in Oz.

Oh, for the day to see that 'room with a view'. It will happen.

She has just commissioned Matthew Roland for her new window totally out of paper and I am in love. Check out Matthews blog here he is one very clever dude!

'til next post. xo p.


My daughter is obsessed with anything "bead-ie"... necklaces, bracelets, on clothes... the works. Life just is wonderful for her, let's be 6 again.

School holiday fun is great and we both got creative this morning over a cup of coffee, hot chips (her choice, I am trying to cut down, seriously!) and creative. I was making tops for my business blondebratpack handmade and she was stringing beads.

At one stage the whole cup of beads landed all over the coffee table... it was fun trying to collect them all.

Overall a great morning.

'til next post. xo p