Wednesday, January 18, 2012

love, balance and everything inbetween...

It's been a long time between mutterings. Now finally there is hope for some balance with a new year to start everything off.

There has been a lot going on the in the blondebratpack world. With all the blondes being solo for a number of months whilst their 'knight' was out hunting and gathering. We held the fort, now back together.

This did get me thinking more so of valentine's day and what is means to everyone. So, any thoughts?

A long break from your hubby, partner, boyfriend or companion makes your heart play crazy tricks on you and the beat is a little different. I don't think you feel any differently if this is forced on you or you choose it.

So with February 14 fast approaching use this as an excuse to do something grand either at home, going out or even a walk. It doesn't have to be grand, make the pledge to your relationship and do something.

' til next time. xo p

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