Thursday, August 12, 2010

a few good nights sleep and old habits are back

Well I have been on a tremendous mission to have early nights and this week it has been a job well done. Tonight I'm afriad 'old habits' return. Finding that balance of quiet time and putting your head on the pillow at the right time is such a challenge.

On the early nights I felt like I was watching the clock every few hours. So with the pillow on my mind I am going to head off there now. May my tolerance 'wick' be very long tomorrow.

A foot note: my cousin in Mexico I have not seen for years and years. Her first baby is due, well overdue and I am thinking of her whilst I post this note. She is taking a total wholistic approach to her birth as well as adopting the lotus method. May all her angels point in the right direction and that she is safe and well.

'til next time. xo p

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