Monday, August 16, 2010

jumping hurdles

What a day!

It started out with a mini 'sleep-in' of sorts. A great snuggle with 'angel' and then J heard some tiny pitter patter of feet to the sight of 'chickie' at our bedroom door with the largest smile on her face. She had climbed out of her cot and joined us in the bedroom.

No more rest for me! EVER!

More cuddles and a little bit of procrastination put us behind schedule for FDO (family day out).

After heading out the door a little late off we drove in a two car convoy to the Poppyseed Markets. A great morning of looking at some crafty things (some papercraft for me, headgear for the girls) we all then ventured to a great seaside park followed by some fantastic crumbed perch, ice cream and coffee. This was a 'double' family day out with the Smedes. What fun!

'Chickie' had a huge sleep. Ah the burn energy style of parenting really does work. Next I heard some noise from her bedroom, she had opened her door... hurdles over the cot again!

After dinner the antics continued over a restless night with both our girls. The cot jumper and a restless 'angel'. 'Chickie' suddenly appeared in the hallway, I then exclaimed "no climbing!" it flipped her out to then a crazy night of getting her to sleep. Ah the life of a parent it just goes on and on and on. There was no warning on the label.

It will be an interesting week so see if she jumps hurdles.

'til next time xo p

ps. On a different note... I am lost without my handheld camera. The charger is misplaced somewhere in the house and of course I feel lost without some new and latest photos.

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