Thursday, August 12, 2010

an angel and a candle

A peaceful angel

Lavender for the senses

candle light but not too romantic for...

Alright I've been hunting down 'high tea's' like a crazy woman. Maybe two in two months might seem excessive but this delightful find is only 15mins from my house. Scary! What makes this even more sublime is the sensational value for money.

A strawberry pulp champagne, loads of tea and all this food just for two people. An amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Oh, I didn't mention that you get TWO scones each in all of this as well! A welcoming angel and a huge candle on the table just added to the feeling and flavour of the day. Highly recommended for more than one visit. I'm definitely going back.

'til next muttering. xo p


wendie-k said...

Hello Pipster.

Next time you go to the high tea, can I come?
Maybe some time in September when the CYA project is up and running.
You didn't mention the price you paid.

Nic said...

Pick me, Pick me... where was this!!!!!