Saturday, August 07, 2010

art-sy stuff

Bag-man (my favourite)

Red sheep! (maybe in New Zealand (*wink*)

Self-portrait, very cool.

This month is was Education Week.  My parents, hubby and I had the chance to go to 'Angel's' open day at school. We looked around the classroom and I took some shots of some great art, then we donated our first library book (two in fact) in both her and her sister's name.

After the school outing and following Nannaboog and Grandpa PK's 3 hour journey to see us, it was worth a stop at our favourite coffee and milkbar/burger hangout Bobby's. The locals, my husband and friends think I should own shares in the place as I'm there way too often. (Note to self: I think it's an excuse not to sit at home and look at all the jobs that have to get done in one day! Must improve that situation hehe, not!).

'Chick' also had her Grandparents day at the pre-school but no photos I normally would share on my blog. She was so excited to see her Grandparents come into the room and she made me a wonderful necklace for me, sang some songs and had morning tea.

Then Thai at home for dinner, how wonderful not to have to cook! I think my sponsor immensely on this day.

I also thank M & D for travelling so far to see their grandchildren. They do this willingly and with so much love, every single time. Go guys.

'til next post. xo p

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pip - I found your blog! I will definitely be making the apple cake after trying it at Delights last Friday night. Oh, and I have to say I love the name of the blog :).