Monday, July 04, 2011

copy-cat, plagiarism, stealing or form of flattery? - you decide

When is your idea simply your idea and copyright sticks?

It seems to me that in the creative world albeit corporate or small business your creation is fair game.

I dealt with ownership & copyright extensively with clients in the corporate field. The advertising and marketing field is notorious for the IP (intellectual property) battle and who own's what. It was "oh the client owns it" (as it's their product) and the "agency owns it" (as it is their creative direction and strategy). These ideas could not be born with out the "ideas people".

What happens when the "ideas person" is simply YOU!

There are many creative integrity pledges online at the moment and whilst you can't keep a design process to yourself the concept can at least be well, left alone!

Mind you I am all for healthy competition as this makes you stronger but it's hard when it's within your inner circle. Most would say "hey get over it" but when it's your small business you get passionate.

Bottom line here peeps;

** be passionate about your business
** don't steal ideas from others get inspiration
** keep it real and with integrity

'til next post & thanks for letting me get this off my chest. xo p

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