Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dance THE merry dance

I love that "dancing on the inside" feeling. Today was one of those days.

Had a wonderful morning with both my daughters snuggling before the school run.
Had a successful meeting with one of my most fabulous clients and her support just makes me smile.
Had a nice  yarn to my mum.
Had a lovely quick chai-latte with a great gal and our girls played like silly people for a 'wee while' just after school.
Had a good sale via my business that made me buzz (a lot!).
Had a nice salmon fillet.
Ate one tim tam (might go back for some more).
Now an early night.

What is your "merry" dance?

'til next post. xo p


1001 Secrets of Successful Writers said...

Love your site, very cool. Darrell & Cleo

Pip said...

Thx Daz. That's a true compliment coming for the best "writer" I know. xx

Renee maree said...

hey sweet you need more of those days.. ren xoxo