Friday, May 27, 2011

a new best friend

Changing your wallet over is like loosing a dear friend; it knows the in's and out's of your life, what you like to eat and how you spend on it, all the contents of your handbag (scary thought) also being happy to hold as much stuff (kilos) as you need and never ever whines about it. Most of all it has a loving relationship with you.

So it is with sadness that I say good by to my dear old friend 'Ms Oroton' and replace it with another one 'Ms Spencer & Rutherford'.

My new wallet was in one of the many boxes I looked through today in the big clean up, lucky me.

Til next time. xop

1 comment:

Rachael Griffin said...

love the new wallet, I hope you become as attached to it as your old 1, I also find parting with my dear old friend "The Wallet" a challenge