Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the mojo is back in the house

After shall I say weeks of hunting the MOJO is back! I don't know where it flew to but I believe 'burn out' was the saying in the corporate world (the days of being a high-flyer). So now I finally recognise the signs and when it is about to happen. Call it burn out, day-dreaming, loss of focus but it's here to stay for a while, here's hoping.

It has also affected my drive to get the cards moving too so hope to have these designs up in the next week or so. Plus it's time to starting thinking about Christmas themes and get cracking on some designs for that too.

When dropping off a consignment order today for Sarah at Classique Flowers I realised how fortunate it is to be running your own business; small or big, it's a wonderful challenge with heaps of rewards.

Now pass me another cup of tea.
'til next time. xop

Oh a little bit more to say... I am seeing a lot of pledges lately and mostly for creative integrity. It's not nice when someone rips of your idea/concept. I certainly saw loads of this in the advertising field and the ownership of the creative idea opened up a plethora of discussion. But in the world of small business I think we need to support each other not rip each other off. So thank you all of indulging me in this wee rant.

Have a great week.


Ali said...

Well ranted Pip and "here, here..." let's hope your mojo is back for good. xx

Pip said...

Thanks Ali. I hope so too. xx