Monday, July 19, 2010

walk a mile with me

Today I was reading someone else's blog entry and they are talking about walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Now doesn't that conjure up a lot of contemplation. So I decided to photograph MY shoes. These are my black converse purchased at Chadstone in Melbourne with some great friends of mine Sam and Wes. They certainly could tell a story just this pair. I own about 4 different pairs but these black ones get the most milage and of course the better story to tell.

Now whilst this other blog talked about considering others I thought I would give this a light-hearted approach from the perspective of my left and right foot and their life.

These particular shoes started off in Melbourne they lived a grand life there walking many of the streets of Mentone and helped hold up my legs during the pregnancy of my 2nd daughter 'chick'. So I will also feature her shoes below too. After a well-heeled life buying food, window shopping, and also shopping in general this pair has seen a bit of creative when I started my scrap-booking life too. Did I forget to mention loads and loads of coffee.

Then they were put into a box (poor things) and packed by some stranger who then taped up the box and transported them to NSW. After 5 weeks under wraps they were taken out (when we found our new home) to be worn continually in the Winter of '09. By then 'chick' was well into the world and now enjoyed the visual enjoyment of these on my feet.

With another move underway we just moved across a main round-a-bout and turned right twice to our new home so these trusty shoes were box-bound to only be opened up again this Winter season.

I have to say these shoes have had a interesting yet varied life. I do love 'em!
These shoes are definitely made for walking.

Now these little Clarks shoes have a different story to tell. They have travelled all the way from the UK. Nanny Annie bought these (with another gorgeous pink pair, now outgrown). 'Chick' has only just had a growth spirt and now in these lovelies. She originally called shoes "ishies" now she is saying the word properly.

They walk everywhere. The most they can talk about would be 'chick's' words of the moment...

no = no (why do kids learn this first?!)
yope = soap
way = go away
huppy daddy = happy daddy
medooit = me/I will do it
elp me = help me

To wrap up both sets of shoes have a great life and so do we.
'til next time. xo p

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