Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a delightful package

Not often am I surprised but today definitely. I received my ebay package from the UK today and it was wrapped so beautifully. It was a parcel full of Royal Albert china. This included a cup trio, milk jug and cake plate. I am so chuffed. Even down to the delightful sticker and the delicate wrapping. Worth every part of the purchase.


This adds to my Royal Albert 'Lady Hamilton range. Very cute, very girlie and of course very very flowery. When everything was unwrapped I simply had to put on my tablecloth and you guessed I took another photo. (Georgina would be proud).

When bidding on my cup trio I was not aware that Royal Albert obviously made slightly different styles of cups in the same range. The cup I already have is a little short in height and has flowers on the inside bottom my new set is slightly more cone shaped. There must be differing production runs like any fine manufacturered product. This is now something I wish to investigate further. Talk about another project ot add to the mix. Can't wait to have my next tea party.

I do like this cake plate and see myself putting a lot of lovely treats on this. Now to pull out my grandmother's silver teapot and buy some tea from T2 and I'm set.

'til the kettle next boils. xo p

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