Friday, June 25, 2010

old is definitely new

People that know me very well will say that I am a contemporary gal and go for white most of the time. I am rarely seen anywhere near Salvos's, Vinnies or otherwise. I buy new all the time and second hand is not in my blood. Not because I choose not to, I just haven't given it much of a go.

Bring on the vintage!

My girlfriend Georgina has brought this love out in me. A good trait I must say. I do confess that I am going to be a blend of new, old and somewhere in-between.

My love of the high tea has also sparked my hunt for lovely plates. When out and about in the southern highlands this week I found these Royal Staffordshire plates. They are "oh so girlie" and "tres nice". I now have four extra plates in my collection. If they could speak we would hear the most wonderful stories. What fun!

'til next time xo p

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bring on the old....plates of course. not men or age!