Friday, June 25, 2010

margie, nannaboog and me

Let's start with my heart cup!

My mother gave my husband and I these two cups a few years back and when you have a cuppa the tea is in a heart shape. These cups are more for the visual and are great. The only trouble is that the size is too small, the positive is that you need to go back for more than one cup. These are very special.

Katherine Margaret, known affectionately as "Margie"

My grandmother was/is amazing. Probably why she made a great daughter in my mum, then a crazy chick like me and then my girls came next. It's certainly a pink revolution. She has a lovely tea cup which I like LOADS, why?... well I am left-handed. The name on the cup would normally face outwards, with me it's inwards and I feel that I am having a personal relationship with her whenever I have a cup of tea sippled delightfully from here.

Generational cups of tea.

This set has just been given to me and there is a navy one also. This originally was part of a set of 8 and this is the last on standing. They do make a lovely cup of tea. Now I just have to get the silver teapot out and make a wonderful afternoon of it.

'til next time xo p

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Joanne said...

Hello Pippo, just found your blog (via fb of course) great work!!!! Joanne x o x o