Tuesday, April 19, 2011

no ordinary leaf

It was a GREAT LEAF! Miss A and Miss S with their Dad created our first mini-garden as a test case before planting a larger one.

A combination of beans, baby tomatoes, beans and butter lettuces.

Today was the day that we had some of the first lettuce on a wrap. Yummy! Very proud and can't wait to plant the bigger one.

A confession.... I have never grown anything in my life that has survived. I killed a cactus when I was 14 so I was not putting up any hope for this little garden but watered it everyday (oooh, must do it now).

It was a great lunch and a top day with my girl.
'til next post, healthy eating and love life. xo p


Renee maree said...

nice.... pip a healthy pass time...
cheers ren!!
ohhh id love to scrap those pics!

Pip said...

thanks ney, remind me to print them out and you def. can scrap them for me. xx