Sunday, January 16, 2011

the groom & a bunch of invites

What a fun and grand journey. A referral led to producing this lovely wedding package.  Enter a laid back and delightful groom. He asked the blondebratpack to help out and we certainly did!

Hand-cut, personalized, designed, text written and the inclusion of some Vietnamese translation direct from the bride. Have not met her yet but she loved all the package and it was complete. Too easy.

Even the blokes who 'got a gurnsie' for the day wanted a copy of the invite when they saw it. So 'hop to it' and four more were duly dropped off.

Not one to do anything by halves these little gems (invite and wishing well insert) were duly put together in the 'wrap pack' style.

Delivery here we come... and attention to detail "that's what we do!" and loving it. Congratulations Freddo and Mai. Happy Wedding Day.

'til next post. xo p.

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