Monday, January 10, 2011

five photos : five facts

 1. my daugter's note (front)

1a. my daughter's note (back) 

2. my new high tea plate 

3. pens pens pens

4. a gift from someone special

5. my great grandmothers custard recipe

1. My daughter simply loves to give me little sweet things like this.... her notes will appear out of no-where and written on the most delightful things. I can't get enough of receiving them.

2. A new plate. It looks a lot like a surfboard but it's my latest addition to my high tea obsession.

3. Pens, pens and more pens. I simply love them. This brand of felt tip pen is amazing and they only tend to show up around 'back to school' times. There are 20 in this pack from black to brown, greens through to blue, purple to red, yellow and orange. These compliment my paper obsession.

4. A gift out of the blue. I have never had someone spend so much timing making me something. I know the hours that go into this. A huge huge thank you to Ney, take a look at her creative blog it's amazing.

5.I finally mastered my nanna's custard a few years ago. After always turning out lumpy I had certainly given up. But when you get this right you get it right. The recipe can be found at all things food on facebook.

Check out Meet Me at Mikes she started this topic. It's fun.

'til next time. xo p

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