Tuesday, July 27, 2010

talkin' about evolution

Chick said her first great sentence to her sister today "yope please Ashy". I was very proud indeed. I continue to be amazed about how fast young people spill new words and become a parrot with everything.

So telling your eldest where we came from...

Phase up and you see another child who asks the most amazing questions. This morning when we were all together before the infamous school run 'Angel' asks us again about how the first boy and girl were made. I told her again from their mother and father. Recounting some of our conversation a couple of days ago she asked "who has the egg?, I said the mother." she replied "so the boy has the sperm." Clever girl. Then she asked how the sky, water and everything else was made. Dad replied "made by God" Ask then said "who made god? to which Dad said "he is in heaven". Her final response "oh, so that's how Australia was made".

We moved on.

Not sure if I really liked Dad's approach as I was keeping it simple with a mother and father, egg and sperm direction. We'll see if more gets asked.

'til next post. xo p

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