Wednesday, July 07, 2010

puppy love

Meet 'puppy' and 'woofie'.

Both of these lovely cuddlies are made by Teddy and Friends.

Puppy (in front) has been with my eldest daughter for a long long time. But he was not her first as that went missing somewhere on a cool winter's walk on Port Phillip Bay when we lived in Melbourne. Now the first one had a 'heart' on it's paw. A promotional fluffy for Valentine's Day only sold at Australia Post. Needless to say it wasn't until years later that I discovered this pup again in Aust Post. In the meantime my eldest had fallen in love with 'puppy' and he is still with us today.

In my husband's wisdom he felt that our second daughter should have the same 'cuddle friend' as her sister. Now that would be confusing. So out came the puppy with the heart on it's foot (from the back up cupboard). So far so good and 'woofie' has not got lost thus far.

Now whilst 'puppy' is looking very loss for wear he is so loved it's not funny.
'woofie' is still new to the world for our youngest but loved immensely.

It still amazes me to this day that a child can get hooked on one toy/thing.

Mine was 'blankie' and even now I have distant memories of the damn thing. Apparently it got to dirty and it was cut down and down until a thumb size was left. When that went missing that was it, no more!

My sister had a puppy soft toy also named 'puppy'.

'til next time. xo p

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Renee maree said...

hey pip, nice pups lol