Saturday, July 03, 2010

great creative and top notch brew

This is a bit of story, why don't you get yourself a nice latte or tea, the choice is yours.

This espresso bar is amazing. I had the opportunity to enjoy breakfast here this morning with a devine friend of mine. We had not seen each other for 5 years.... yes that long. It is a criminal offence not to be repeated.

Like this lovely brew and food we did not stop chatting from 8am to noon, the conversation flowed, how wonderful. In fact we have never been short of a word and I wish it could have gone on for hours.

When ordering my coffee I saw their new business card. Why is this important? well, right now I am creating some wedding invitations for the some special people and my concept to use kraft stock, black text with japanese style paper must be a popular style right now.

Not only do I now see kraft being used everywhere but my love of curved edges. Watch this space and I will put up the invites. I am going nutty for curved edge cards and paper creative right now.

Seeing this business card blew me away. It's similar (well not quite) to buying a new car. Suddenly you see every man and his dog, cat and pigeon driving the same vehicle. Does that mean we are now going to see kraft and black text creative everywhere? Hope not unless it's mine!

'til next time. xo p

pps. we forgot to take a shot
ppps. my girlfriend kindly followed me to my hair appt
then left with the wrong jacket to have to return. Thx H.

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