Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Go to sleep Ashlee

Little Ashlee just won't sleep during the day. She is 7 months and seems to have more energy.

Of course she has her mummy around her little finger.

Jay (Ashlee's Dad) took to some strange form of hyposis tonight.... (whilst I was off at the gym trying to get my body back) he was stroking her forehead and nose and tole me that she was out like a light, no screaming. Who made up the the phrase "sleeping like a baby".

It's a conspriacy... she is definately Daddy's little Angel.

Any tips on daytime settling are welcome :)

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Jacob Family said...

Hi gorgeous
Hope Ashlee is sleeping better now. Thought I'd share with you Claudia's tricks:
1. Give her a dummy
2. Give her a back massage
3. If she keeps crying give her a cuddle but don't say anything to her then put her back to bed
4. Stroke her face and head
5. Give her a bottle (or boob)
6.Make sure you don't overstimulate her before going to bed
7. Rock her to sleep with "twinkle twinkle little star" Yes you have to sing it! I have done this with Claudia in my bed and it was a method of last resort - but it worked!!!
8. At the end of the day you might have to let her cry for a while between each of these.

Remember this: If she keeps crying because she doesn't want to go to sleep and there is no other reason for her crying, this is my rule of thumb: IF SHE COULD TALK WHAT WOULD SHE BE SAYING TO YOU? MUMMY I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!!! I think of this when Claudia is crying when I put her to bed. But I don't let her get too ditressed before giving her a quick cuddle and putting her back down again. Lately though she has been teething so she does get a bit distressed. So I have been giving her a small dose of Panandol to settle her.

Hope this all helps.